Top 5 Reasons to Survey Your Health Club Members


According to the Radial Group, a provider of marketing and consulting services for health, wellness and fitness facilities, these types of businesses need to leverage every competitive edge they can get.  One of the best ways to maintain that competitive edge is to use surveys to gauge the experiences of members.  In a world where keeping an extra 5% of your current customers may improve your bottom line by as much as 95%, it’s critical to know what your members are thinking and feeling about your business.  We’ve provided a link to the Radial Group’s complete article on “Nine Customer Survey Best Practices for Wellness Businesses” at the end of this blog post.  But before you read about best practices — which will help you create your member survey — here are the top 5 reasons you should conduct a survey in the first place.

1. Get Feedback

Ask your customers what they honestly think about your products, services, events or marketing. You won’t know until you ask. The knowledge you gain will be invaluable to your business.

2. Set the Bar

Surveys allow you to look at your business at a certain moment in time. Benchmark how you are doing in different aspects of your business and make goals to improve or maintain that status over time.

3. Evaluate the Competition

Ask what other products or services your customers use, and find out why or what they enjoy about them. Doing this will make you aware of the alternatives in your market and how best to compete.

4. Learn New Ideas

Your customers are an untapped resource for you. They are smart, creative, and likely have ideas that you haven’t thought of. Just imagine all the cool ideas you can get from the people that matter the most and know your business!

5. Guide Business Decisions

Using surveys, you can gather information that is helpful in making informed business decisions. The feedback you get from your customers can guide you in future product, marketing, or organizational decisions – both big and small.

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