Open your business to new possibilities with our payment solutions.

We provide you with payment solutions to accomplish your business goals. From professional account receivable management and recurring billing to payment plans and prepayment plans that can have an immediate impact on increasing your sales and retaining clients.

Reduce Costs

Our payment solutions will greatly reduce your billing costs while increasing your recurring revenue stream.

Save Time

We do all the billing, processing, follow-up and more so you can concentrate on your core business.


Our services can be customized to meet your needs, your schedule, and your customers' budget.

Ease of Use

You can be up and running with our payment solutions within a day. We do all the work to make your job easy.

"Our clients are so grateful to have a payment arrangement that fits their budget. Without having the option of an EBCS payment plan available to our clients, many of their pets would not have made it!"
Drs. Dan and Lisa Zakai
DVMs, Frederick Road Veterinary Hospital
"I would recommend that anyone who benefits, or thinks your bottom line could benefit from recurring billing, give Tony and the services that EBCS provides an opportunity to earn your partnership."
Laura Blake
Blake Consulting, LLC

Leave Security To Us

We are dedicated to providing you with a very flexible system to make your organization more profitable while providing the advanced security you need in order to rest assured.