Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Electronic Billing & Customer Support when I could manage my accounts receivable myself?

First, if an employee or volunteer were to accidentally or purposely damage your database, you have no legal recourse against them. We protect you against such a catastrophe.

Second, you reduce your administrative and payroll costs associated with in-house billing.

Finally, you could totally free yourself from time-consuming billing and customer support functions and instead get professional, experienced help with these tasks. Put your experience to work where it’s needed the most: new sales and servicing your customers or donors.

If I sign up with Electronic Billing, do I have to send all my accounts immediately?

Certainly not! We want you to feel comfortable with us first. We understand if you want to start out by only sending us a portion of your billable accounts. If you wish to send all of your accounts at once, our technical support team will take care of the process at no additional cost to ensure a smooth transition.

Is it easy to change from another billing company to Electronic Billing & Customer Support?

Yes! Our experience in conversions does make the change as easy and smooth as possible for you. First, we process your new billable accounts. Then, we begin transferring your current non-delinquent contracts into our database: either data transfer through our IT department or data entry with our Customer Service Department. Our ultimate goal is for you to continue operating without interruptions.

Is it easy to get started with Electronic Billing & Customer Support?

Absolutely! Call us at 800-766-1918 or get started now by requesting information or pricing.