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Electronic Billing & Customer Support

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Since 1986, Electronic Billing & Customer Support (EBCS) has been helping companies manage their billing, customer support, cash flow. Our commitment to excellence in customer care, efficiency, technology, and professionalism serve as guiding principles to our success and yours.

Over the years, we have found that these needs have changed very little.  What has changed are customers’ expectations and the mechanisms that allow you to deliver these services. In 1986 the Internet, smart phones and debit cards were not part of the billing landscape. Now they are the staples of account receivables.

Our solutions will help your business grow in ways you would not think was possible.  We do not think outside the box, we get rid of the box. 

When implemented properly, our concepts and services make a significant difference to the bottom line of our clients.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide  payment solutions that enable you to accept and retain more clients, increasing your revenue and client satisfaction.