Payment Solutions

For Your Business

Increase your revenue with Payment Plans, Prepayment Plans, Membership Billing, Maintenance plans or any other  Recurring Revenue Solution.

We offer the fit that's right for you

Our services provide a better alternative to third party financing companies. Stop losing 5 to 15% of your hard earned revenue. We offer comprehensive payment plans, prepayment plans, membership billing,  recurring revenue solutions and more.

You can choose from any of the services we offer to get exactly the right fit for you and your business. Our services have a proven track record of saving time, trimming your expenses and increasing your revenue.

Help your patients say YES

Find out how Electronic Billing & Customer Support can improve your bottom line and automate your payment cycles.

Payment plans & Pre-payment plans

Attract more customers by offering more payment options to customers who cannot pay in full all at once. 78% of consumers are living paycheck to paycheck (Harris Poll 2017) so they need payment options to purchase large ticket items.

Recurring Billing

Generate a recurring revenue stream with membership billing, subscription billing, retainer billing, maintenance plans and more. The possibilities are endless. Let us help you find the perfect solution to increase your recurring revenue.

Customer Database Management

Having a protected and secure customer database is imperative. EBCS also has the ability to offer the best data mining capabilities. We offer over 200 data elements and we can provide customized reports to help you better manage your operations.

Numerous Payment Options

You can select weekly, bi-weekly, twice per month, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly billing cycles. Use all or only one option. We can help you decide to maximize your revenue. You can also accept all major credit cards.

We do all the hard work

We can handle the billing only or the billing and follow-up of any missed payments. Our follow-up is the most extensive in the industry. Best of all, our follow-up does not cost you anything.

Professional Customer Service

You sign them up, and we do the rest. We are very proud that for 35 plus years we have had only three complaints to the BBB, unheard of in the billing industry. We know how to treat you and your customers professionally.

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Benefits of Implementing EBCS Services

Help your patients say YES to your treatment recommendations

Implement our Payment Plans, Prepayment Plans, Membership Billing, and Recurring Revenue Solutions.